How to lift unnatural outgoing links penalty?

Following Google’s latest manual actions against MyBlogGuest and their users, a whole lot of people have already been requesting help with eliminating manual actions intended for unnatural links – specifically for unnatural outbound links.

It could be quite distressing when you visit a notification of a manual action from Google in your Google Webmaster Tools accounts, but by firmly taking prompt actions and spending so much time to resolve the problem that may be causing the penalty you will quickly find traffic will come back quite quickly.

Which Links will be the nagging problem?

Regrettably Google doesn’t provide any kind of insight concerning which particular links or pages they believe to be leading to the problem. This is actually the same if you’re needing to tidy up unnatural links to your website too.

The most obvious spot to start is by searching at any links which you have sold. If anyone offers paid you for a sponsored content, advertorial or a bought hyperlink from your site in the past those links should be made by you nofollow. It is not essential to nofollow internal links.

Have you been utilizing a complete lot of reciprocal links as part of your link building campaign? Have you setup a links web page on your website and allowed it to become hoard of cluttered random links instead of a curated set of useful resources?

Google in addition has become very strict online that contain many guest posts. For those who have allowed unsolicited guest posters previously it is well worth reviewing those content articles to consider links especially with keyword wealthy anchor text to industrial pages or the house page of additional websites.

If a blog is had by you and allow comments, check to see in case you have allowed commenters to keep followed links with keyword rich anchor text message. If a comment is usually had by you spam problem, then look at applying a different commenting system with better spam recognition.

Keep a clear record in a shared Google Doc of the links that you have transformed to nofollow or deleted. Google have mentioned numerous times during the past that they don’t trust exterior document types as Microsoft Excel because they can contain malware.
File a Reconsideration Request

After you’ve checked your site for just about any links that may be breaking Google’s link schemes and produced the required changes, it’s right now time to submit your reconsideration request.

Register to Google Webmaster Equipment and make sure that you have added and verified the web site that you would like to be reconsidered. Right now visit the reconsiderationpage and choose the penalized site from the drop down menu.

Maintain your reconsideration message to the pointand include a connect to the shared Google Doc you made up of the links you possess cleaned up.

Dear Google Webspam Group Member

On [day] we received a notification of a manual action for unnatural links from our site. We have reviewed all of the links on our site where we believe they are violating your help with link schemes and either deleted the link or made the hyperlink nofollow.

This is a Google Doc highlighting the task carried out:

[Google Doc Url]
We are focused on following your recommendations on link schemes later on
Many thanks for your consideration
[Your Name]

Google Says No

Sometimes normally it takes a few efforts to move the reconsideration request stage. Don’t become disheartened. It just implies that Google feels you haven’t spent plenty of time fixing the problems.
Occasionally you shall receive a few examples of links back your reply, which Google believe are violating their rules still. This may make it much simpler to understand the types of links you possess on your own site which Google is definitely unhappy about.
After you have spent some more time fixing the nagging issue you should submit another reconsideration request.

When Will Your Visitors Return?

Once the manual actions has been lifted you will observe improvements in your traffic and rankings fairly quickly for your less competitive keywords and brand conditions. Normally it takes a few weeks occasionally for your visitors to come back to normal but you’ll notice significant improvements rapidly.